My Mission:

To be a conscious source for all those seeking Transformation, health, healing and direction to create the body, mind, spirit, and life you want.

My Intention:

To guide you towards your ultimate goals, healing your past and awakening Consciousness, by offering conservative, alternative, and leading edge modalities.

Spiritual Awakening

We are all born connected, in alignment and feeling the wondrous joy of vibrating to Source Energy. Just observe a baby in a crib, in absolute delight of itself and its environment. The baby naturally pulsates this happiness and blissful Connection, until it experiences disappointment, abuse or negativity and becomes Disconnected from this source of well-being. The child then learns and experiences the myriad of conditions, some of which are:

Sadness  •  Shame  •  Resentment  •  Fear  •  Resistance
Blame  •  Guilt  •  Unforgiveness  •  Anger  •  Unworthiness

Knowing this sense of pure unconditional love and total joy, and then experiencing the separation of it not only produces intense anger and rage but is the result of organic Disconnection from Source and my definition of depression.

Twenty-seven years ago, when I was a student of the Abraham teachings that focused on the understanding of the Law of Attraction, I learned the value of holding a positive thought for 17 seconds, and the benefit of it being the equivalent of thousands of work hours. I also learned focusing on what I didn’t want and holding a negative thought for more than 17 seconds would disconnect me from the energy of my Higher Self. I would still be physically alive and have bodily functions but a source of light would be on the “dimmer switch.” This Source does not have the program for the dark side, so if we choose to go there, we go alone. It would be likened to falling into quicksand, and needing a life line to pull you out. This is my definition of addiction, the absence of your Connection to your Spiritual hierarchy, well being and love, and trying to replace it with an unnatural high.

Thank goodness for sleep. During sleep, we are no longer negatively focused and we get replenished with Connection again, until we awake and once more begin unconsciously misscreating and experience Disconnection. This premise is the basic foundation of a workshop I’ve been internationally teaching, called “Deliberate Destiny” ~ that there is nothing more important to your own Spiritual awakening than to be Connected to this higher energy that daily feeds your life stream.

As Spiritual beings experiencing the human condition on this earth plane, there are always lessons to learn on a soul level of development. The soul needs to grow and experience everything. Past lives give us a readout as to where we have been, what was gained, what was lost, and what still needs to be tweaked and learned. So begin with forgiveness and love yourself for having gone through something unbearable and survived. Five years ago, I became an author along with 43 others in a book called “Thank God I” where we all shared our short stories of overcoming something horrific, that could have kept us “victims”, if not for the transcendence into “victor” of our circumstance and life. This is Spiritual awakening at its best.

The Earth is going through changes and there are more to come. We can joyously survive if we stay connected to love, to that higher part of us, to our Inner Being, who manages every part of our lives and knows us better than our parents, for it has the records and data of all of it.
Wherever love is lacking~ then heal with love. No wound can remain unhealed if it is dressed with love. If we don’t forgive someone, we become attached to that person indefinitely, with unresolved conflict that will continue to raise its head and become a hidden agenda, until resolved and healed. This negative energy is not in alignment with the energy of the new Earth. It creates illness, addictions, divorce, separation, disease, and death. When clients come in for an Energy healing and are in this negative state, all their charkas test weak. Each chakra connects to endocrine glands that release hormones for our well being and maintenance, and when they are not in alignment its our first barometer for illness to follow. After a forgiveness session, all charkas are once more in a healthy energetic vortex, mirroring the well-being that has emerged from this negative release.

Allow yourself to walk your Spiritual path, together with your Higher Self, and awaken each day to the gift that is your life, deliberately creating your day, work, prosperity, health, relationships and do it all on the wings of love.