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Optimal Nutrition, Diet & Exercise

Indigestion is a situation with almost everyone. Tagament, Tums, Pepsid AC, and similar drugs are the largest selling pharmaceuticals in the world! ACID reflux is becoming a household word. Excess gas, ulcers and aches are all too common, even in the young. So, indigestion (dyspepsia) is too frequently experienced. What then is proper digestion?

In order to digest food, stay immune from disease and avoid other ailments such as Candida, you must have plenty of hydrochloric acid (HCL) in your stomach. Your stomach is an acid machine and this acid is not the arch-villain portrayed in the antacid commercials. On the contrary, it is vital to your good health. To neutralize it with antacids is the exact wrong action to take, though it delivers temporary relief of the symptoms (pain).

When the stomach digests, it churns the food and mixes it with the HCL, juices, pepsin, and enzymes. If there is no HCL, or the HCL is not acid enough, the food begins to rot and ferment. As it deteriorates in this abnormal form, it develops unusual acids that sting and burn the tissues of the digestive system. When this occurs in the stomach, these deviant acids, along with what weakened HCL may be present, can get backed up into the esophagus.

What is really needed is more and stronger HCL. To take an antacid at this point is to make sure you have a mass of undigested food in the stomach and the rest of the digestive tract. This also puts a burden on the liver and pancreas since they can't cope with such an unnatural state of affairs. As more and more of these meals go through, the poisons from this undigested matter accumulate in the body.

The body is designed to split open food molecules and break them down into vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids, amino acids and enzymes. Once this is done, the remainder is eliminated from the bowel.

An undigested food mass, decaying and moving through the thirty odd feet of gastro-intestinal assembly line, will cause many kinds of undesirable bacteria, viruses and fungus to scavenge such a large volume of waste. Parasites, which ordinarily would have been eliminated by strong stomach acids, are allowed to continue and thrive on a toxic bonanza. Candida Albicans, a fungus your body has in place to kill undesirable bacteria, starts to multiply to handle the escalating number of bacteria.

Sounds terrible and it is! The body is starting to breakdown due to this continuous poisoning.

“If you have a concentration of, say, bacteria living in a particular area of the body, you have a staph infection or strep in the throat, for instance it is there because of the unhealthy, devitalized tissue and unprocessed metabolic waste….disease is not the presence of something evil, but rather the lack of something present which is essential for vitality.” — Dr. Bernard Jensen

Eating correctly is important and being able to digest it is just as important!

One could take a digestive enzyme with each meal to ensure an extra boost to one's ability to digest.

In addition to diets, containing too much cooked food, processed food, meat, dairy, and poultry, there is another factor which is normally not addressed adequately in all cases of indigestion- hydration.

Next to oxygen, water is the most vital substance got survival and better health.

When we refer to water here, we always mean uncontaminated, plain drinking water. The water found in soft drinks, bottled teas, coffee, and other processed forms do not count at all and, as a matter of fact, are found to contribute to dehydration in the body! The following quoted from the material of Dr. F. Batamanghilidj, author of Your Bodies Many Cries for Water:

Some Reasons Why Your Body Needs Sufficient Water Every Day:

  • “Comparative shortage of water kills some aspects of the body.
  • “Water is the main source of energy after oxygen; it is “THE CASH FLOW” of the body.
  • “Water generates electrical and magnetic energy inside each and every cell of the body.
  • “Water energizes food particles which are then able to supply the body with energy during  digestion.
  • “Water increases the rate of absorption of essential substances in food.
  • “Water greatly increases the efficiency of the immune system (all its mechanisms) including against cancer
  • “Water increases the efficiency of the red blood cells in collecting oxygen in the lungs.”
How much water per day is considered adequate for good health? According to Dr. Batmanghelidij, one half of one's weight in ounces per day. this assumes you kidneys are functioning well enough to eliminate this amount per day comfortably. One can determine this by observing the need to go to the bathroom more frequently within an hour or two of consuming one quart or more of water. Drink this much water on an empty stomach and avoid eating any food or consuming a beverage of any kind for at least half an hour afterwards. Also, take in ¼ teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt per quart or water consumed to ensure a mineral balance is maintained.