My Mission:

To be a conscious source for all those seeking Transformation, health, healing and direction to create the body, mind, spirit, and life you want.

My Intention:

To guide you towards your ultimate goals, healing your past and awakening Consciousness, by offering conservative, alternative, and leading edge modalities.

About Irene Faith Nichols

Irene Faith Nichols is a South Florida-based Metaphysician with a broad background and 35 years experience as a Certified Holistic Practitioner. Her fields of expertise include being a Master Life Coach, Holistic Hypnotist, Nutritionist, Healer, Minister, Author, and Educator.

As a Certified Master Life Coach, Irene is able to identify blocks preventing a client from moving toward a successful and joyous life in as little as two hours. Using skilled intuition and life coaching tools, the root cause of the obstacles are identified and then she teaches how to set and accomplish specific goals.

Irene believes we are what we digest in food, thought, and emotion. She holds The National Guild of Hypnotists certification and her Transformational Hypnosis Healing techniques have changed thousands of lives by removing the internal saboteur and subconscious blocks. Using Holistic Hypnosis to reprogram the subconscious mind of unwanted habits, Irene will help you successfully:

  • Stop smoking
  • Permanently lose weight
  • Change habits          
  • Improve self-esteem, confidence, sales skills, public speaking, concentration
  • Reduce stress anxiety
  • Eliminate fears, anxiety, and panic attacks
  • Explore past lives
  • Test taking sports, reframe childhood traumas, remove procrastination, and more.

After graduating from the American Academy of Nutrition and Gary Null’s graduate program from Pratt College, Irene founded Diet Works, her own clinic, where she successfully took hundreds of pounds off clients using Holistic Hypnosis, Nutrition, and Super Food consciousness for more than 15 years. An integral part of her vast experience includes spending three years at the renowned Coral Gables Biltmore Hotel as a Certified Personal Trainer, where she combined diet-nutrition and exercise training for superior results.

Irene is also a Reiki Master Healer. Reiki is an ancient healing art for stress reduction and relaxation with many therapeutic benefits. Depending on her client’s needs, Irene will combine Reiki with Bach Flower remedies for emotional balance, Energy Medicine, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and BioGenesis tools to balance the Chakras and integrate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. These therapies require a 3-day post-healing period where the new energy shifts into all the five bodies for permanent rejuvenation.

Additionally, Irene specializes in aiding individuals, couples and family groups by utilizing Family Constellation Therapy, a current “missing link” tool in healing the family lineage. Many adults are unconsciously caught in a web of family history. They relive their mother’s anxiety, repeat their father’s disappointments, and relationships may fail; similar to what may have happened with the parent’s or grandparent’s marriages. Illness, depression, anxiety, and unhappy relationships may all be forms of this unconscious inheritance. Family Constellation Therapy exposes the hidden dynamics and family loyalties that keep us rooted in suffering. After one session, a new life course can be set in motion and the results may be life changing. For those unable to travel, phone sessions are available and found to be very effective.

In the role of Ordained Minister, Irene specializes in spiritual development, counseling, teaching, and performing ministerial services for weddings, memorials, and house blessings. Today, many people are embracing a spiritual path, along with their religious beliefs, and Minister Irene is capable of guiding them toward this higher awareness appropriately.

A Law of Attraction specialist since 1987, Irene utilizes the groundbreaking Abraham-Hicks information, still the leading edge in spiritual development today. She lectures on Higher Self Meditation and conducts a Deliberate Destiny workshop worldwide, where she teaches tools to deliberately create your life and all that you want.

The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who congratulated Irene Faith Nichols on her inclusion in the 2008-2009 editions, which appear in the Library of Congress in Washington DC and corporate and academic libraries nationally. As co-author of the groundbreaking book series Thank God I, Irene shares stories of inspiration in turning tragedy into triumph through the transformation of gratitude. As an esteemed member, she is Chairman of Letters of the prestigious Coral Gables Chapter of Pen Women and Business Network International (BNI).

Irene’s early career includes time as an accomplished actress in film, TV and Broadway. She occasionally still takes part in local short productions. She loved singing in Miami’s Unity by the Bay Church choir for 10 years, and enjoys frequent trips to New York City to watch her 10-year-old grandson perform on Broadway in his “Mary Poppins” lead and currently as the Duke of York in Shakespeare’s “Richard III.”